Friday, December 21, 2012

DSE 4.0-pre released!

Hey, I'm not dead - I'm just lazy. But with the latest development release of Django showing Python 3.x support I wanted to try to provide a release of DSE with support for Python 3.x as well.

Source available or go to pypi. You should also be able to just do:

pip install dse

Some feedback would be great. Planning to implement Python 3.x support for all my other projects as well.


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  2. Hey Thomas,

    I couldn't find a bug tracker for DSE, so I thought that I might as well post here:

    Executing `pip install -U dse` (from an existing virtualenv installation of DSE 3.3.0) results in this error message:

    error: package directory 'dse' does not exist

    I've uploaded the pip.log here:

  3. Public issuetracker should now be available at

  4. Problems with empty DSE-package now fixed.


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